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Pension Plotter


Excel In Business.co.uk has developed a straight forward and easy to use Pension Plotter.

This spreadsheet displays your income as a total of your various pensions, savings and OAP income.

The inputs to the spreadsheet are: your date of birth, the date you want to consider retiring together with your income from; any salary, pensions and other sources. These data are then displayed on three charts (the plot on the right is one of the three) The inputs can be altered using the horizontal sliders on the right of the screen. These sliders change the data and dynamically alter the plots in real-time, this shows how the data interrelates with all the other variables.

The Pension Plotter acted as a Suggestion Maker, and not as a Decision Maker. The dynamic nature of the various Plots make a complex situation easy to understand.

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NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.

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"It is an excellent tool. For the first time I could 'see' what the data was telling me, the plots made it very clear what I should do! thanks" .. Tim - Luton

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