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Investment Plotter


Excel In Business.co.uk has developed a straight forward and easy to use spreadsheet called the Investment Plotter.

This spreadsheet displays the interest on your savings & investments over time.

The inputs to the spreadsheet are: the capital invested in each of your savings plans; the interest rate of each investment, and the duration (term) of the investments.

The Investment Plotter acts as a Suggestion Maker, and not as a Decision Maker. The dynamic nature of the various Plots make a complex situation easy to understand.

Click HERE for a FREE version of the latest Investment Plotter.

(Click Here for stock market information or Here for house price trends, clich Here for saving rate trends)

NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.


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"It is an excellent tool. For the first time I could 'see' what the data was telling me, the charts made it very clear what I should do! thanks" .. Andrew - Luton

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