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Skills Paw Print - Analytical Candidate Selection


Do you need to determine who has the best skills-fit for a specific role?

Do you need to match people to jobs?

The SkillsPawPrint tool does just that, it helps identify the best person for the available position.

There are a number of tools available that assist in the complex and difficult task of matching people to jobs. However,
the SkillsPawPrint spreadsheet tool provides multiple graphical and numerical overviews of each person which facilitates a detailed analysis and drill-down into a particular competency or skill. This type of analysis highlights any mismatches which, in turn, greatly assists in the task of determining the best person for the position.

worldA sample of the 'drill-down' competency or skill based graphical and numerical views in the SkillsPawPrint spreadsheet.




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"The saying that a 'picture is worth a thousand words' is so true. With the SkillsPawPrint it became obvious that the the person we had just interviewed was far more suited to recruit as a permanent employee than a contractor". David - St Albans.

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