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Does your business require an Excel Spreadsheet configured to your needs?

Excel In Business.co.uk is an association of UK specialists focusing on meeting business needs through the use of Microsoft Excel.

There are many proprietary software applications that perform niche tasks. However these can be expensive to develop and even more expensive to maintain.

Excel is an inexpensive, first-class tool that can be configured to meet many business needs. In addition to Excel's flexibility, its low-cost and ease of use makes the MS Excel solution suitable for many businesses. It is also a solution which, if necessary, can be modified by the User at any time.

For a small sample of our publicly available and more unusual work please click on the samples on the left.

NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.

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"It was easy, I just e-mailed my data to the EIB team and, after a quick discussion, my spread sheet was in operation on-site!" Bill Simpson - London
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