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Do you own a yacht? Do you cross shipping lanes in high winds and under all sorts of tidal conditions? If so this Wind And Tide Vector Calculator  is for you! (Free)

Customers were finding it time consuming and difficult trying to calculate the heading to their required destination given different tide, wind and current vectors.

The Excel spreadsheet produced for this set of customers does just that. The radar like chart takes all the inputs from the table and plots the resultant heading. The vector is displayed both graphically on the radar like chart and numerically. This display gives the best of both worlds, an accurate numerical heading together with a graphic depiction of the direction to be taken.

The simple and straightforward on-screen instructions guide the busy yacht owner through data input and, at the click of a button, calculates the resultant vector to their destination or next way point.

This WATVC is an inexpensive tool that meets a specific complex need. In addition, maintenance is zero as all the variable data is entered on the day in question and are dependant upon the specific journey of the day.

Download now for a free copy:- watvc


NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.

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"It was easy, I just e-mailed my data to the EIB team and, after a quick discussion, my spread sheet was in operation on-site!" Bill Simpson - London
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