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Excel In Business.co.uk develops its spreadsheets using a tried and tested method. ( The Helical Life Cycle approach - Click for details) This approach delivers consistency and understanding, there are no-surprises for the Customer or the spreadsheet Designer.

There are five main stages to the Helical Design Approach:

        1. Discussion of Requirements
        2. Bullet Point Requirements
        3. CATWOE statement (Checkland's approach)
        4. Mock-Up of spreadsheet required. (Not a prototype)
        5. Delivery and User Acceptance Tests

For more information on this please see the Design section. However, the first stage to request a spreadsheet is to telephone us and discuss your needs.

We will then be in a better position to help when, and if, we reach the stage of joint Bullet Pointing your requirements. Early discussions greatly assists the requirements capture and helps us all to focus on the real business needs.

In many cases early discussions can take us down to level 3 quickly and helps speed understanding and the production of the final spreadsheet system.

Anyway, call to discuss, after all "a problem shared is a problem halved"

Remember, the turn-around time, form Requirements to Delivery is rapid. Depending upon the complexity of the spread sheet delivery can be just a few days!


NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.

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