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Annuity Plotter


Excel In Business.co.uk has developed a straight forward and easy to use spreadsheet called the Annuity Plotter.

This spreadsheet displays amount received from your annuity over time.

For example, should you take your annuity now when the annuity rate is say 5%, or should you wait a few years when the rate could be up to as much as 10% ? - When is the best time for you to take your annuity such that the total amount you receive is maximized?

The inputs to the spreadsheet are: the current value of your annuity pot; the current annuity rate, and the estimated annuity rates in future years.

The Annuity Plotter acts as a Suggestion Maker, and not a Decision Maker. The dynamic nature of the various Plots make a complex situation easy to understand.

Click HERE for a FREE version of the latest Annuity Plotter. (Click Here for annuity info)

Click here for a map of the World View

NB: Information correct at time of going to Press.


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"It is an excellent tool. For the first time I could 'see' what the data was telling me, the charts made it very clear what I should do! thanks" .. Andrew - Luton

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